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UniLED LED Lighting accessories

To order UniLED LED lighting accessories, call 01702 522793

Decking lights

Switched Mode Power Supplies

The 13W Power Supply for the UniLED range will run 25 Units

Box dimensions 110 x 70 x 80 mm

The 50W Power Supply will run 100 Units

Universal Input. Box dimensions 230 x 70 x 80 mm

Decking lights

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Designed for use with our UniLED range of outdoor lights. It connects between the power supply and the first light to be controllde, with no other wiring required.

The device contains intelligent sensing which makes it more reactive to daylight and less sensitive to artificial lighting.

Box dimensions 110 x 70 x 80 mm

Decking lights

Remote Control Link

This accessory can be added to any UniLED installation to switch the lights on and off remotely via a key fob style remote control.

The fob will operate from distance of up to 20 metres in open ground.

This device draws its power from the existing deck light supply so there is no additional mains wiring required.

Box dimensions 110 x 70 x 80mm.

Decking lights

In-Line Dart Convertor

Allows up to three pairs of darts to be connected within a UniLED light system.

The Dart Convertor id ideal to use instead of the X-Convertor when installing larger amounts of Dart Lights.

Dart Lights must be installed in pairs.

Decking lights

350 mA Adaptor

Allows the Trojan or Colonnade lights to connect to the 13W and 50W power supplies and works with the rest of the UniLED lights in the system.

Fully IP67 rated, one 350mA Adaptor must be used for each light being installed.

Decking lights

Extension Cables

Extension cables are available in 1,2,4 and 10 metres to lengthen the spacing between each fitting.

Decking lights


Allows two darts to spur of the deck light feed. Darts are 12volt and must be fitted in pairs.

Decking lights


Allows you to branch away from the line of lights for two different directions.

Decking lights

Mini Sure Seal Connectors

To make installation quick and easy UniLED products are fitted with these IP67 rated and extremely durable male/female connectors.

To order UniLED LED lighting accessories, call 01702 522793